Gift for Father

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Elderly men often suffer from aches and pains and sprains, which are caused by tight tendons associated with age. In addition, overuse of muscles or incorrect postures ad natural deterioration of tendons and joints may be a common cause.

Having less movement, not chewing food thoroughly or not being able to eat spicy food are factors cause bloating, indigestion, loss of appetite, and etc.

As a result, Gift for Father consists of

1. Medicated Oil - 50 ml

- To relieve symptoms related to tendons and muscles and general bones It also stops bleeding, heals fresh wounds, relieves nasal congestion and migraine headaches.

2. ​Hot Formula Medicated Oil - 50 ml

- To cure symptoms related to tendons and muscles and bones that are chronic or have deep causes. Used for stretching Stretch muscles, relieve trigger finger, cramps, and tingling from poor blood circulation.

3. Dhat Bunjob - 25 g

- Helps with digestion, relieves bloating, colic, and diarrhea and food poisoning.