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Thai medicine which is well known since ancient times. Recruited from Red Unalom Council (later the Thai Red Cross Society) as one of the prescriptions sent to soldiers and people who participated in the war on the left bank of the Mekong River between Siam and France in 1893 in the name of "Chanthalinla Pill"

The description of its properties appears in the Red Unalom Drug Formula as follows:

“The pill named Chanthalinla cures all fevers. If it wasn't the karma in the previous life, then it could be cured. It consists of 1 Kotha Khemao, 1 Kotha Chula Lampha, 1 red sandalwood, 1 white sandalwood, 1 Boraphet, 1 Plalaiphuek, the same amount. Insert Borneol 1 Civet 1 crushed to make sticks. Dissolve with rose water or rice washing water before taking. It has worked many times already. Don't doubt it. The pills value as gold. It cures northern fever, high fever, and malaria all year round."

At present, it has been included in the National List of Essential Medicines under the name “Chantaleela”.


  • Relieves fever
  • Relieves symptoms due to season change


Adults takes 4-8 pills. 

Children 6-12 years of age 2-4 pills. 

Take every 3-4 hours when symptoms occur.

70 pills/bottle

Main Ingredients: Gymnopetalum chinensis, Atractylodes lancea, Tinospora cordifolia, Dracaena loureiroi Gagnep, Tarenna hoaensis Pit