Mowaan Logo


Current Mowaan Brand logo


The Mowaan logo was originally designed to be used as an official trademark on the accompanying documentation. It was the assurance that the medicine was the authentic product of Mowaan Rodmuang because of many counterfeit products claiming to be by Mowaan. The statement is shown below:

“…Buyers beware: please look for Mowaan’s logo on every bottle and package. Counterfeit medicine is not the same as mine. My medicine is extra strength…”


Sample of the actual document accompanying Mowaan medicine


Before the logo was developed into the word “Mowaan”, as seen today, an official seal was introduced for the original pharmacy called “Chalaew Thai Pharmacy”, at the intersection of Charoen Krung Road and Unakarn Road. In the beginning, the logo was a carved wood stamp with the words “Mowaan Store on Charoen Krung Road”. Later, it was changed to only the word “Mowaan” combined with a star symbol which is a symbol of traditional Thai medicine.



The development of the Mowaan logos since the original store, Chalaew Thai Pharmacy.


The modification of the logo to have a more visual appearance was influenced by the imported Western brand products. Therefore, the looks and designs of the Mowaan brand logo evolved to have the same approach as foreign brands at that time.

Mowaan logo has been redesigned several times prior to its current logo which later became the brand of Mowaan Company Limited.