​ Luke Plak Mae - 30 pills

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A kind of elixir pill widely-known in Thai traditional medicine. Made according to the Legend of Soft Bale Fruit penned by His Holiness Maha Samana Chao KromPhraya Pawareswariyalongkorn. According to the legend, a boy had created a kind of medicine to be kept at home before he left. His mother found and took the medicine. Several years later the son returned but he could not recognize his mother because she looked extraordinarily healthy and beautiful. (Luke Plak Mae means 'the son does not recognize the mother.)

Health-supplement. Has a hot taste, helps with blood circulation. Aids sleep.

To be taken 1-2 pills before bedtime.

Main Ingredients: Soft Bale Fruit, Musaceae, Black Pepper, Honey

30 pills